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150 questions hallucinatory (box) French Edition

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  • Brand: Prisma
  • SKU: MX040

A box dedicated to the game that will immerse the players in an unusual world through multiple choice questions, various questions, games on words and challenges drawing or mime.

Inspired by a hit section of the magazine ?ça m'int??resse, this gamebook brings players into an amazing and unusual world, thanks to:

- QCMs.

- "Who am I?" questions.

-yes / no.

- games on words.

- drawing or mime challenges!


Question: Storm warning for weather presenters in South Africa. A new law is currently being prepared in the country that regulates their activity. What does this law say?

Answer: This law could simply prohibit them from making a mistake! To prevent the panics related to erroneous forecasts, the government has just introduced a particularly repressive law. Each newsletter must be validated by a national organization before being published. Otherwise, the penalty will be very severe: several thousand euros and even the prison in case of recidivism! The law could come into force in the coming months.

"What did you do?" "I robbed a bank, and you?" "I announced a storm."

ISBN: 9782810404070

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