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1883 Almond Syrup 8.45fl oz/250ml

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Experience a harmony of textures and tastes with the 1883 Orgeat Syrup, where gentle, silky consistency meets the remarkable flavor of sweet almonds. This uniquely aromatic syrup guarantees an engaging taste journey that reflects the high-quality craftsmanship of 1883 Maison Routin.

The deep, lasting flavor of the Orgeat 1883 Syrup stems from its carefully chosen components. From the natural cane sugar lending a light sweetness, to the pristine Alpine water contributing a refreshing crispness, each ingredient enhances its singular taste.

The standout feature of this blend is the delightful almond note. Capturing the true essence of sweet almonds, this syrup delivers a genuine orgeat experience that whisks your senses away to the picturesque French Alps with each taste.

Ideal for lending complexity to your drinks, augmenting your culinary delights, or experimenting with flavorful combinations, the 1883 Orgeat Syrup is your secret component for infusing a hint of French sophistication and an irresistible almond appeal to your treats.

Savor the spirit of France in every drop of the 1883 Orgeat Syrup - a tribute to refined palate and excellent quality.

INGREDIENTS: cane sugar, pure water from the French Alps, natural flavoring (bitter almond)

No artificial ingredients, Natural Flavor, Natural Color

Made in France



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