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1883 Mixed Berries Syrup 8.45fl oz/250ml

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Indulge your senses in the irresistible medley of succulent berries and subtle vanilla undertones with the 1883 Mixed Berries Syrup. Crafted with meticulously selected ingredients renowned for their superior quality, this syrup brings forth a robust, jam-like red berry taste, perfectly balanced with a smooth vanilla essence. Its radiant red hue adds instant visual appeal to any beverage or culinary creation.

Each bottle of 1883 syrup embodies the "Made in France" hallmark of excellence. Produced by 1883 Maison Routin, a brand celebrated for its premium syrups, this Mixed Berries syrup invites you on an unparalleled taste adventure. Pure water, sourced from the French Alps, provides a fresh, crisp base, perfectly complementing their diverse range of flavor profiles.

What distinguishes 1883 is their dedication to authenticity and a taste profile that isn't overly sweet. Their Mixed Berries syrup, like the other outstanding offerings in their range, is often crafted using genuine fruit juices. This attention to detail lends a depth and realism to the flavor that sets it apart from the rest. It's a testament to their years of expertise and dedication to creating syrups that delight every taste bud.

Whether you're crafting a unique beverage, enhancing a dessert, or simply adding a dash of luxury to your morning coffee, the 1883 Mixed Berries Syrup transports you to a world of lush, fruity, and authentic French flavors.

INGREDIENTS: cane sugar, pure water from the French Alps, fruits juice from concentrate 13% (blackcurrant, elderberry, raspberry, strawberry), acidifier: citric acid, natural red fruits flavors, natural strawberry flavoring, natural vanilla flavor.

No artificial ingredients, Natural Flavor, Natural Color

Made in France



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