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1883 Redcurrant syrup 33.8Floz/1L

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Immerse yourself in the refreshing and complex notes of summer with the 1883 Redcurrant Syrup. Each drop of this enticing elixir encapsulates the freshness of redcurrant, unveiling a delicate bouquet of green top notes swiftly enveloped by a cascade of summer flavors.

Experience the generous aromatic pulp of shiny, ripened berries begging for a bite, as this syrup offers an unmatched red fruit flavor with a slight tartness, striking a deliciously balanced chord on your palate.

Designed by 1883 Maison Routin, renowned for its superior craftsmanship, the Redcurrant Syrup enhances a wide range of beverages. It adds a dash of freshness to hot or cold teas and infusions with its scrumptious red fruit notes, enriches sodas and smoothies with its intense fruity notes, enhancing their depth.

The initial burst of powerful fruity flavor from this syrup mellows into a lighter, floral-accented finish. The result is a mesmerizing experience of deep notes and sun-drenched flavors that blend in your mouth, creating a symphony that lingers and delights.

Whether you're crafting a refreshing beverage mix, enhancing teas, or adding a twist to your culinary creations, the 1883 Redcurrant Syrup offers a journey into a world of summery freshness and intricate flavors.

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