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1883 Peppermint Syrup PET Bottle 1L /33.8 fl oz

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The Routin 1883 peppermint syrup is a 100% natural syrup with flavors of icy mint mixing extreme freshness and invigorating virtues, belonging to the Rock range of the Maison Routin. It is ideal for making colorful cocktails, fruit salads, flavoring whipped cream, biscuits or sweet mint-free cakes, so that everyone can enjoy them.

Routin 1883 peppermint syrup can be combined with cold or hot beverages, alcohols (cocktails, white spirits or gin) as well as non-alcoholic beverages (sodas, carbonated water or water) for surprising mixes.

The Rock range by Philibert Routin is inspired by the popular boosters and drinks to reinterpret the classics with energy. Let your imagination run free and surprise your guests with powerful, edgy and instilling aromas. Each Routin syrup, original, gourmet and subtle, has its own flavor that blends delicately with your preparations to delight the most gourmet of us.

Without preservative, without artificial aroma,

Without dye, and without GMO

Suitable for vegetarians and kosher food



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