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Clovis Tarragon Mustard 7oz

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Clovis tarragon mustard will enhance all your meat, poultry and fish.?á

Too often neglected, tarragon has this delicate aniseed flavor that goes perfectly with mustard and its lifelong companions, chicken, and fish. Stir Clovis tarragon mustard into mashed potatoes and serve with a piece of grilled salmon. To add a touch of refinement, pour a generous spoon into your white wine sauce with a poached chicken. Clovis tarragon mustard will season your buttered split peas, served with grilled lamb chop for an amazing dinner!

The Clovis brand, which was founded in 1976, has expanded over the years, each time exploiting new flavors.

Clovis's Reims Mustard is made following the Champagne traditions.

Indeed, it is produced from Reims vinegar and Champagne disgorgement wine, aged in oak barrels for a year, which promotes the birth of woody notes.

This silky-textured mustard is a fine condiment with light wine aromas.

Ingredients: water, mustard seeds, organic distilled vinegar, tarragon, salt
Product of France

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  • Phyllis Zakrajsek Dec 18th 2020

    I had this mustard at my sister-in-law's house in Stonington, CT. It is the most delicious mustard I have ever eaten. I loved it so much, I looked for it in the stores in Sacramento, CA but could not find it anywhere. I found this mustard on Le Panier Francais' website and ordered two. I told my sister-in-law and she wrote back: "Silly girl! I got you two for Christmas! So, now you have 4!" I am so excited!!!


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