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Le Panier Francais French Candy Poppy Tin 80g/2.80 oz

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The subtle marriage of confectionery and poppy flower: A French candy made with a poppy taste.

It is named after a flower; it is the poppy candy by Le Panier Francais. Like it, it is red, but also flat, rectangular in shape with coupled angles, and frosted. A handcrafted French candy on which you can see the inscription "Coquelicot" on one side, as well as the representation of the flower on the other.

Poppies are delicious sweets to suck, with the natural aroma of poppy blossom. You read it right, you'll find all the taste and scent of the poppy in this French candy! Be original, rather than offering flowers, offer something greedier as are these sweet poppies. For a sweet and flowery sweetness!?á

May be effective in case of a mild cough.

Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, acidifier: citric acid, natural flavor (poppy), radish, lemon and blackcurrant concentrates

GMO-Free, product nonionized, product containing no allergen

May contain traces of peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and milk.


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  • Jennifer Johnson May 18th 2021

    When we decided to try this Poppy flavored hard candy, we weren’t sure exactly what to expect. Poppy flavor was foreign to us, but as soon as we opened the 10 we were mesmerized! What a beautiful treat. The flavor is smooth and not overpowering they are wonderful!


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