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Maison Boissier Christmas Powder Box Parisian Sucre D'Orges Candies

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  • Brand: Maison Boissier
  • SKU: C010
  • Net Weight: 3.2oz
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These Boissier Christmas Powder Box Parisian Sucre D'Orges Candies may be a long mouthful to say, but they are truly a fantastic treat! Sucre D'Orges candies, or Barley Sugar Candy, were a very popular treat in Victorian England. The sugar would be spun into toy balls, much like the ones that you probably got out of machines as a child, but these you could actually eat.

There are many candies on the market today that claim to be Barley Sugar candies, but they are actually not! Just a quick check of the FDA website shows that you can't call your candy Sucre D'Orges Candies unless you actually have barley in it. And once you have it, you'll know the distinctive flavor Boissier Christmas Powder Box Parisian Sucre D'Orges Candies has. If you have never had barley sugar candies before, it has a nice caramel taste to it, yet a lighter color than you might expect. If you are searching for a taste of French history, you have found it.

The perfect Victorian and Steampunk gift, the powder box makes for a beautiful display piece all year long and the candies inside are truly fantastic! Imported. Monocles!

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  • Sep 5th 2014

    Must be an old stock : all the candies had melted on the paper and are difficult to remove from their wrappings. Even if they had been good, they are far too expensive ! Would appreciate to return them.


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