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Maitre Jacques 12 Precooked Giant Helix Snails

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  • Brand: Maitre Jacques
  • SKU: MJ7821

Maitre Jacques Precooked French Escargot are the perfect way to enjoy one of the most celebrated dishes of French cuisine.

Only the finest snails are harvested to bring you this authentic French specialty. This product shows why Escargot are such a delicacy in this most famous and applauded cuisine in the world.

Precooked escargot helix snails, ready to use right out of the can

Maitre Jacques is an authentic French line of foods to bring classic French cuisine to life in your kitchen.

Only the finest snails, prepared by expert chefs in the traditional French style

Soak in white wine, then serve with butter and garlic sauce for a delectable appetizer

Product of France

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