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Sophie la Girafe Forever Baby Bottles with Newborn Nipple 5 oz./ 150 ml

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  • Brand: Vulli
  • SKU: VU4552
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With our Mii Sophie la Girafe feeding bottle, you may improve your baby's eating experience by mimicking natural nursing. Their medical-grade silicone newborn nipple, ornamented with a distinctive texture, mimics the feel of a mother's breast, providing your child with a sense of comfort and familiarity.

True Transition nipples were designed with the growing oral development of babies in mind. They provide four separate versions, each with its own specific size, shape, texture, and function that caters to different stages of your baby's development.

They put your baby's comfort and digestive health first. The Mii Sophie la Girafe bottle features their proprietary Flutter FlexTM anti-colic system, which includes four valves to encourage a more comfortable feeding experience and aid in digestion.

Their ForEverTM material strengthens the feeding bottle, assuring long-term transparency and sturdiness.

In accordance with current standards, our Mii Sophie la Girafe feeding bottle is BPA-free, encouraging safety as well as quality. The Mii Sophie la Girafe feeding bottle will help your baby's nursing adventure.

Designed to Reduce Colic, Gas, & Reflux

No Nipple Collapse

BPA Free

Mii Sophie la girafe® bottles are made with ForEver™ A Product of Switzerland.


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