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Sophie la Girafe 2 Newborn Nipple Stage 1 0m+

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  • Brand: Vulli
  • SKU: VU454

The Mii Sophie la Girafe Transition Newborn Nipple is meticulously developed from soft, medical-grade silicone that mimics the form and texture of a natural breast, giving your baby a realistic breastfeeding experience.

True TransitionTM Newborn Nipple Stage 1 0m+ Slow Flow is designed with infants' particular oral characteristics in mind. This nipple is designed to be the right size, shape, and structure for your newborn's developmental stage, ensuring a comfortable and efficient feeding experience.

The revolutionary Mii Sophie la Girafe Flutter FlexTM anti-colic system with four valves is integrated into our design. This revolutionary function ensures your baby's comfort during feeding while also assisting with digestion, making mealtimes pleasant and delightful.

Our Transition Newborn Nipple is BPA-free in accordance with current laws, demonstrating our dedication to your baby's safety and well-being. Mii Sophie la Girafe will take you on a natural, comfortable, and safe feeding journey.

  • Slow flow
  • Consistent Transitioning Between Breast And Bottle
  • Nipple Is Sized The Length Of Newborn’s Gums To Throat, Avoiding Gag Reflex.
  • Soft Rounded Base For Soothing Swollen Gums During Feeding.
  • Frosted Bulb Supports U Shaped Palate And Helps Baby Sustain Latch.
  • Real Feel Raised Surface Bumps Replicate Breastfeeding Mother’s Nipple
  • Medical Grade Silicone

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