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Alpina Savoie Crozets Nature 400g/14.1oz

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Taste and discover the real Alpina Savoie Crozets, mountain culinary icons! The chance to replicate the convivial environment of après-ski dinners or to experiment with new salad varieties.

Alpina Savoie, a pastière specialty firm founded in 1844, is France's oldest semolina-pastier and one of the remaining five French durum wheat mills.

Alpina Savoie works to preserve the Crozets, a modest gem of local heritage, and provides fresh life to ancient know-how through a highly special production technique that puts old-fashioned rolling back in the limelight. The drying process is then repeated for many hours to maintain the greatest tastes. The skillful hands of Alpina Savoie's semolina-pastiers highlight this one-of-a-kind product.

100% Wheat origin France

Ingredients: high-quality durum wheat semolina Alpine sector, soft wheat flour from the Pays de Savoie, fresh eggs, salt

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