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Alpina Savoie French Pasta Crozets 400g /14 oz

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  • Brand: Alpina
  • SKU: P010
  • Net Weight: 400g / 14oz

Alpina Crozets come from the Savoy region in the French Alps, discover authentic Savoyard Crozets, culinary symbols of the mountains! The opportunity to recreate the convivial atmosphere of apres-ski meals or to test new flavors in salads. These rustic, square-shaped buckwheat pasta are delicious alone or au gratin.

ALPINA SAVOIE belongs to the very closed club of companies more than 100 years old: it was born in 1844!

She turns 176!


100% Wheat origin France

The label "Blé Origine France Guarantee" meets several needs. It makes it easier for French products to be identified by consumers, giving clear and controlled indications on their traceability. It thus becomes an additional guarantee of transparency for the French, who believe 95% of the importance of knowing the origin of consumer products.

Net Weight 400g (14 oz)

Product of France


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