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Amora French Strong Dijon Mustard 4 oz

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  • Brand: Amora
  • SKU: C3001
  • Net Weight: 150g/ 4oz

Amora mustard is really a French classic to bring a little spice to a meat dish. Mustard par excellence, the most classic. It brings all the finesse of a good mustard, with a real spicy kick! We import these products from France, the days and months on the expiration date sticker are in French. For example, 12.05.2015 means May 12 2015.

Ingredients: Water, mustard seeds, alcohol vinegar, salt, acidifier: citric acid, preservative: E224 (SULFITES)

Product of France


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  • Jun 12th 2017

    A true Dijon mustard.

  • Mar 18th 2016

    As in, it's impossible to overstate how good this mustard is.

  • Mar 13th 2016

    Well it has been going on 7 years since my "French" co-worker's wife first gave us "French" mustard. Each time after that I went over to France, I was stuffing it in my shoes to bring it home. Well, I went on a goal to buy it here in the US. That was 6 years ago. I still ONLY buy "French" mustard. I like AMORA which I buy by the larger size case because it is the same product in France as the USA., This is my small sample size. I give this out to people that don't use very much of it I've never tried it. Once they try it usually they are hooked and asked me for the larger one. I point people to this site. Also my wife and I use this as our travel size. It is the same product as the larger one.

  • Jan 25th 2016

    Excellent Dijon mustard taste. A little expensive for a modest amount, but it comes in a very nice glass that can be used later as a juice glass. I will likely order again.

  • Jan 20th 2016

    The real mustard of Dijon....same texture, same taste as in France.

  • Sep 16th 2015

    This is the real Amora mustard. Exactly what I've ordered.

  • Jun 11th 2015

    We traveled in France and loved their salad dressings - when we got the secret ingredients from the Chef Amora mustard was one of them. I use it every day and have shared it with many friends.

  • Mar 13th 2015

    So glad to find this mustard here!

  • Jun 25th 2014

    I'm thrilled to find this product available in the U.S. My first taste was in the French/Dutch island, St. Maarten. The grocery store on the French side was the only place I could buy it. My trips home were always filled with French products that couldn't be found in the States. The flavor is intense - it's mustard, no doubt about it. It makes a basic vinaigrette so flavorful. Also love it on sandwiches - hot dogs too. This product is so much better than the higher priced Maille.


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