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Antesite French Licorice Mint 4.4 oz

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  • Brand: Antesite
  • SKU: D010
  • Net Weight: 13cl/ 4.4oz
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French Antesite Licorice Mint Truly thirst-quenching, Antesite uses the recognized properties of licorice in all real fights for freshness. Original, functional and economic, by its taste, the size of its bottle and the possibility of dosing suitable for all. Concentrated Antesite is a product that meets the expectations of consumers. No sugar or sweetener, Antesite is an herbal drink.

Ingredients: Water, liquorice (3g glycyrrhizin per bottle), natural flavors, gentian extract.

Contains licorice. People with hypertension should avoid excessive consumption. The concentrate Antesite is consumed diluted in water. Very economical, 15 drops for a glass (10 cl) 1.5 teaspoon per liter.

Net Wt. 4.4 oz / 13cl

Product of France.


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  • Virginie Dec 26th 2020

    This was my first time trying the mint Antésite. We love the regular one, and this was a bit too much mint for me. Nice at Christmas time I suppose, but if you like mint, this is the one for you!!

  • Aug 28th 2014

    A taste of home. A great thirst quencher with no added sugars and no calories.


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