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Augier Tradition Chestnut Honey Bio 8.8oz/250gr

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The Augier Tradition Chestnut honey has a strong flavor and a full-bodied appearance. The robust flavor and lingering smells of chestnut honey are contributing to its current increase in popularity. As soon as the jar is opened, the odor is immediately pronounced, and it is both warm and profound. The Augier Tradition Chestnut honey is a type of honey that has a role in the kitchen. It may be used to give a marinade a sweet note, spice up a sauce, or elevate fresh goat cheese. This honey has a flavour that is both generous and delicious. It is a type of honey that works wonderfully for adding a touch of sweetness to coffee.

Agriculture Biologique is a production method that combines best environmental practices, respecting biodiversity, the preservation of natural resources and the assurance of a high level of animal welfare.

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