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Augier Tradition Gift Set of Provence Flowers and Provence Lavender Honeys

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Introducing the Augier Tradition Gift Set: a delightful pairing of two traditional Provence honeys. Enjoy the fragrant and floral flavors of the flower honey, and the smooth and perfumed taste of the lavender honey. Both honeys originate from Provence and are harvested towards the end of summer from apiaries surrounded by a variety of Mediterranean flora and maquis along the coast.

Experience the deliciously creamy texture of Augier Tradition honey. The flowers honey has a pleasant scent and is perfect for those who appreciate a delicate floral taste. Meanwhile, the Augier Tradition Lavender Honey is one of the most traditional honeys produced in Provence and has a creamy texture that is perfect for drizzling over bread or adding to your favorite tea.

Enjoy the best of Provence's famous flowers with Augier Tradition honey. Indulge in the rich and delightful flavors of these premium honeys that will transport you to the picturesque landscape of the Mediterranean coast.



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