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Bag Containing 2 Small Lavender Purses

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  • Brand: Enesco
  • SKU: EBL133
  • Net Weight: 18g/ 1.3oz

Bag Containing 2 Small Lavender Purses 0.64 oz each. Ecological and biodegradable dried lavender selected with rigor and passion to offer you a product 100% from Provencal crafts. Imported by the Romans who used it to perfume their bath and their freshly washed linen, this little blue flower (whose name comes from the Latin "lavare" meaning wash) has been known for millennia for its unique and intoxicating scent. Presented in an elegant and discreet way, it will perfume your interior or the linen of your wardrobe. Naturally mothproof and anti-stress. For a more pronounced diffusion, regularly release its fragrance by simply pressing the sachet

Product of France.


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