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Biperduna French Espelette pepper, powder AOP 40g /1.4 oz

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  • Brand: Biperduna
  • SKU: C3026
  • Net Weight: 40g/ 1.41oz
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The Basque variety Gorilla d'Espelette is produced in Basque country for 4 centuries. The authentic Basque spice, is delicate and fragile, its aroma flies like a perfume. The Gorria variety is the plant that gives the Espelette pepper. The spice of Basque gastronomy, used in powder or mash, is rich in antioxidants and lycopene.

Appellation d'Origine Protegee (protected designation of origin)

Ingredients: 100% Red chili pepper

Colorings and preservatives free

Product of France


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