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Bonne Maman Limited-Edition Strawberry, Raspberry and Elderflower Spread 370g/13oz

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In this recipe all in contrast and harmony, Bonne Maman knows-how combines the tart character of raspberry, the sweetness of strawberry and the delicacy of infused elderflower.

A subtle and balanced recipe with aromas that are both gourmet, fresh and floral.

At the bend of a country path or in the family garden, strawberry and raspberry reveal themselves as the treasures of an exquisite nature. To make her preparation with Strawberries, Raspberries and Elderflower, Bonne Maman took care to select the most beautiful fruits, cooked slowly to preserve the melting texture and the beautiful ruby color with just the right sugar. At the end of cooking, an infusion of Elderflower blends into the preparation to sublimate the taste of the fruits. A hymn that gourmets will appreciate as well as in toast as tasted with a brioche still warm.

Ingredients and allergens

Fruits (strawberries, raspberries), sugar, brown cane sugar, elderflower extract, concentrated lemon juice, gelling agent: fruit pectins

Gluten Free, Non-GMO

Refrigerate after opening

Product of France

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