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Bonne Maman More fruit, less sugar Cherry Spread

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Bonne Maman's More fruit, less sugar in comparison to our traditional jams, Cherry Spread contains 38 percent less sugar and an increased fruit content.

Fruity to an extreme degree

By following Bonne Maman's low-sugar recipe, you may savor the fruit's naturally sweet flavor without adding extra sugar to your diet. Cherries have a flesh that is always fresh, full, and bursting with juice; when you bite into it, your mouth will explode with flavor. The ideal complement to any breakfast spread in the morning.

Romance with cherries

This cherry spread, with its deep red color, is the ideal travel companion for couples going on romantic getaways. What could possibly be more romantic than enjoying croissants, coffee, and your new favorite cherry jam in bed with the one you love? Nothing, that's what.

Natural cherry spread that contains 38 percent less sugar than our standard jam while also containing even more fruit than before.

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