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Bonne Maman More fruit, less sugar Orange Spread

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Bonne Maman's More fruit, less sugar Orange Spread is made without the use of any artificial preservatives and contains 38% less sugar than our traditional jams, all without sacrificing any of the delicious fruity flavor! A sweet delicacy that is full of natural goodness and will be enjoyed by the whole family.

Invigorating orange

Bonne Maman's More fruit, less sugar Orange Spread is chock full of vitamins that will help you feel more energized while you enjoy the bright and sunny flavors it provides. Because it has a lower amount of sugar and a greater quantity of fruit, it is the ideal complement to scones and muffins.


The combination of sweet and bitter oranges produces the ideal equilibrium while evoking the flavors of one's youth. You can enjoy it on its own, or you can blend it with a touch of vanilla, honey, or spices to create a limitless variety of flavors. You may use this as a topping for your favorite cakes for a tasty treat, or you can just dig in with a spoon.

Orange spread that is natural, contains even more fruit than our usual jam, and has 38 percent less sugar than it.

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