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Bonne Maman More fruit, less sugar Strawberry Spread

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Bonne Maman's More fruit, less sugar Strawberry Spread contains 38 percent less sugar than our original jams despite being bursting with chunks of fruit that have been melted together. A naturally sweet delicacy that may be enjoyed at any moment of the day without feeling guilty.

A classic that will last forever

Same fruits, same flavor from days gone by, and the same contentment! Our Bonne Maman strawberry spread is an updated version of a dessert that was popular when we were kids; it now contains even more fruit while reducing the amount of sugar, making it a treat that the whole family will enjoy that is both healthy and delicious.

Dessert for breakfast?

The fruity spread from Bonne Maman is excellent for use in gourmet breakfasts. Even the simplest of foods, like yogurt, pies, pancakes, and French toast, can be transformed into a delicious dessert with the addition of this ingredient. Put your coffee cups down, gather your family around the table, and share your enthusiasm for strawberries with one another.

Bonne Maman strawberry spread that is natural, contains even more fruit than our standard jam, and has 38 percent less sugar than ordinary jam.

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