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Brossard French Chocolate Marble Cake Savane 300g/10.58 oz

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  • Brand: Brossard
  • SKU: C2052
  • Net Weight: 300g/10.58oz

Georges "papy" Brossard created his company in 1931 in France. The Savane Chocolate Marble Cake is one of the most popular products from Brossard and is a quintessential French product found in homes across the country. Chocolaty, moist and made without palm oil, the Savane is an excellent cake to keep in your house for a last minute treat to share.

If you've never had one, you'll love the familiar yet unique taste. If you grew up with this marble cake, one bite will take you back! Grab a few from our French grocery to have on hand no matter the occasion.

May contain Peanuts, nuts, milk.

Product of France.

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