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Carambar Caramel 8g/0.3 oz

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What is yellow, funny and completely out of the case?

Obvious question, obvious answer: of course, it is Carambar!

Since 1954, Carambar has been the incomparable brand in the field of caramel candy that is obtained, let us remember, by cooking sugar. Behind its legendary shape and its offbeat humor, it embodies a part of the French heritage. Entire generations of children fall stiff crazy from this caramel stick, enriched with milk, cocoa and sugar. 

Le Panier Francais is honored to offer you the original caramel carambar individually. It is a gelatin-free, gluten-free, peanut-free, dye-free candy, suitable for halal and vegetarian diet. This caramel candy is wrapped in its traditional yellow papillote to unfold which, as a bonus, offers you a funny little riddle to read! 

Fun Facts:

82 000 kilometers of Carambar are produced every year! It is twice the circumference of the earth. This time, we are not joking!

2 000 Carambar are eaten each minute. You love eating Carambar, and you are not the only one!

5000 jokes have been published since the beginning. Making jokes is a full-time job! If you have any ideas, you can submit yours jokes right now.

Oh, by the way, did you know that Carambar was born thanks to†A mistake!

Made in France

Ingredients: Glucose syrup (EU origin), sweetened concentrated skimmed milk (MILK, sugar), sugar, palm oil, lean cocoa powder, salt, emulsifier, flavorings. 

May contain nuts.

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