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Ceramic diffuser and 1 vial of Lavandin essential oil

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  • Brand: Clara en Provence
  • SKU: CP036

The essential oil of lavandin helps to sleep, anti-stress, purifying, keeps insects away.?á

This kit contains a diffuser and 1 vial of Lavandin essential oil. Candle sold separately.

Anti-Stress: In atmospheric diffusion or diluted in a vegetable oil applied on the inside of the wrists.

A few drops in an atmospheric diffuser to clean the air, or to promote falling asleep, or to keep insects away.

Can be diluted in the bath water, to promote falling asleep.

Diluted in vegetable oil, it is ideal on small bobos, small headaches and relieves muscles after exertion.

Precautions for use: do not swallow or use pure essential oils on the skin or mucous membranes. Dilute with vegetable oil.

If you have a large ingestion, consult a doctor.

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