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Charlie Jackson Volume 3 French Edition

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Name Charlie Jackson; activity: college student; purpose in life: to succeed in school without ever reading a book; his secret: it's up to you!

If there's one thing Charlie Joe Jackson hates, it's reading! But so far, he has brilliantly managed not to read a book in its entirety, contenting himself with the union minimum, namely: read the beginning chapter and the end chapter. For the middle, he had an agreement with his friend Timmy: treats against the detailed summary of the book. Except that this time, Timmy refuses. Unexpected help comes from her older sister, who offers to read the book for her and to summarize it.

Charlie is saved! Except that the end of the school year is approaching, and he must again present a reading list on a specific theme. Once again, he finds the solution, helping Jake, his friend, to go out with Hannah. In exchange, Jake reads his books to him and gives him reading cards. His plan works perfectly. But, unfortunately, during the college ball, Jake unveils the deception in front of everyone, and Charlie becomes the laughing stock of everyone.

As a punishment for the summer, the principal leaves him the choice: read ten books and make a summary or write a book. True to his reputation, Charlie decides to write the book you have in your hands! And he will have once again avoided reading!

Author: Tommy Greenwald

218 Pages

ISBN: 9782745959843

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