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Clement Faugier French Chestnut Spread in a Tube 220g/7.75 oz

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  • Brand: Clement Faugier
  • SKU: CF2277

It was in 1885 that Clément Faugier, master confectioner at Privas, created the recipe for the "Cream of chestnuts of the ardèche" that would revolutionize the breakfast and the taste of millions of children and parents!

From a simple idea a great product would delight several generations. Indeed, crème de Marrons is a clever combination of glazed Maroon chips, chestnuts previously steamed, confectionery syrup, sugar, vanilla... and a bit of genius.

120 years later, the Crème de Marrons de l'Ardèche has passed through our time, beautiful and natural, authentic and unchanged. These generations would have told us: "she did not take a wrinkle" surely

"The Secrets of Eternal Youth"

Small tips of and by great gourmets: mixed with yogurt, famous. But with fresh cheese, it is even better. Spread on a plain cake or chocolate try and you will see. Accompanied by fruit (apple, banana, pear...) it is complete. And the classics: pancakes, waffles, and baguettes.

All tastes are in nature, here are some original blends...

A few spoonsful of Crème de Marrons with sweet soufflés, soaring omelets, chocolate fondant, vanilla ice cream.

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