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Clock Garden 11 inch

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  • Brand: Enesco
  • SKU: EH162
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You're going after time?... Consider incorporating clocks into your home interiors to add the finishing touch to your decor style. The clocks are suitable for all the rooms in your home.

Our patterned clock The Garden will make a beautiful decoration in a rustic kitchen or for a person who likes to garden. But you can also put it in a workshop-like kitchen that has a bay window that allows you to have a magnificent view of the garden, and which also has a terrace on which you can enjoy a quick meal in the summer. Just get back to basics by melting for this beautiful round clock!

With a diameter of 11inch, it is a tribute to nature, with a cheerful and colorful decor consisting of three jars of rosemary, parsley, and mint. Delicate black needles accurately designate the time, using cash figures. It will enhance your kitchen, entrance or hallway.

Works with an LR6 battery not included

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