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Coucke cotton printed kitchen towel Banania®

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The Banania® and Coucke brands have collaborated to create the Family Breakfast cotton printed kitchen towel, a charming and functional addition to your kitchen linen collection. This high-quality towel has a charming design that captures the warmth and joy of a family breakfast with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. This towel is made of premium cotton and is soft, absorbent, and durable, making it the ideal accessory for cleaning up any spills or messes that may occur during breakfast. The Banania® kitchen towel will make your job easier and more efficient. With its whimsical design and vibrant colors, this towel adds a charming touch to your kitchen decor. It's a decorative piece that celebrates the joys of family and the pleasures of a delicious breakfast. Prepare to start your day on the right foot with Coucke's Banania® Family Breakfast kitchen towel.DIMENSIONS 50x75 cm

DIMENSION 50x75 cm/ approximately 19.7x29.5 inches

MATERIAL 100% cotton printed kitchen towel.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS Machine washable at 60°C/ 140°F.


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