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Curly French Apero Snack Peanut Flavor 60g (2,1 oz)

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  • Brand: Vico
  • SKU: C2035
  • Net Weight: 60g/ 2.1oz

The unique taste of Curly Peanut on a Crispy MEGA Texture! Curly makes every effort to guarantee the best quality: Selected ingredients: grilled and ground peanuts, cornmeal and a natural aroma. 

A 100% sunflower oil.

A production without dye, without preservative. Blown corn product.

Ingredients: 59% cornmeal, 30% ground roasted groundnuts, sunflower oil, salt, flavoring base spice (natural flavor, tomato). Possible traces of MILK, MILK DRIED and HOLLOW FRUIT.

Made in a workshop that uses PEANUTS.

Net Weight 60g (2.1 oz)


Product of France.


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