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Curly French Snack Peanut Flavor 160g /5.65oz

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  • Brand: Vico
  • SKU: C2023

Curly is good without a doubt! Make a bunch of friends!

Learn more about Curly, the award-winning peanut snack that has been a customer favorite for more than six decades!

Curly, which is famous for the one-of-a-kind peanut flavor it possesses, is the ideal accompaniment to joyous celebrations, family occasions, and friendly get-togethers.

Curly snacks have a texture that is unrivaled in its ability to be both crunchy and melty thanks to the use of premium French corn and the highest quality peanuts.

Curly ensures quality with every mouthful by being proudly created in France and without the use of any artificial dyes, preservatives, or palm oil in the process.

Dive into the legendary and one-of-a-kind recipe that Curly has passed down through the years, a blend that promises an unrivaled peanut enjoyment.

Curly is the best option for you if you're looking for peanut snacks that are of a good quality. Put your faith in a company that places a premium on using authentic French ingredients and provides a flavorful experience with no added preservatives.

Ingredients: Corn semolina, ground roasted PEANUTS 32%, sunflower oil, salt, natural flavor. Possible traces of MILK, NUTS, and GLUTEN.

Allergens: Gluten - Peanut - Tree nuts.


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