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Elephant Mon Infusion BIO Relax

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Craving for nature? Discover Elephant Mon Infusion Bio Relax and enjoy a moment of relaxation by succumbing to this delicious blend of chamomile, traditionally known for its soothing virtues, lime and orange leaves.

The secret of our brew? 100% of its ingredients are of natural origin. Just for you, Elephant has selected plants from organic farming, full of taste, to offer you this organic range, with a natural and delicious taste. Launched in 2017, elephant's organic range of infusions is available in sachets and in bulk. Elephant, a brand of infusions born in Provence in 1896, quickly established itself as a symbol of gourmet and quality.

In 2016, the brand celebrated its 120th anniversary. So much experience, it is not wrong! Elephant is at the origin of the first perfumed infusions in France, thus reinventing hot water for everyone's enjoyment. A renowned expert on plants, the brand combines all the flavors of plants with the concept of fruit to offer you a delicious moment to let go. A gourmet and friendly brand, Elephant is the French's favorite brand of infusions. Also discover our ranges Elephant infusions wellness, perfumed, classic and live with love and hot water!

Box of 20 sachets - 26 g


Ingredients: Chamomile* (77%), lime* (20%), orange leaves* (2.3%).

* Ingredients from organic farming.

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