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Francine French Buckwheat Crepes Ready Mix 440g

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  • Brand: Francine
  • SKU: BC002
  • Net Weight: 440g/ 15.5oz
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Francine has created My Buckwheat crepes to help you prepare a delicious Breton meal at your fingertips. For that, you just have to mix the preparation buckwheat crepes with with a little water. In a few minutes, you'll get a creamy dough to make well-brown buckwheat crepes.

With Francine, cooking becomes really easy.


Direction: 1 bag of preparation for My Francine buckwheat crepes, and 50cl of cold water (1/2L)

1) In a salad bowl, I pour the contents of a sachet then the water while stirring with a whip.

I mix. No need to let the dough rest!

2) I pour my dough into a lightly oiled and hot frying pan.

3) Once cooked, I return my crepe. I let the other face brown.

4) I put the filling in my pancake (egg, bacon, cheese ...) just as it warms.

It's ready, Bon Apetit!


Net Weight:440g/15.5oz

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  • Elodie Sep 13th 2020

    While this is not 100% buckwheat flour, the crepes are still very good and the mix is easy to use and convenient when you don't have much time. Perfect with cheese, eggs and mushrooms!!


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