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Francine French Crepes Ready Mix

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  • Brand: Francine
  • SKU: BC001
  • Net Weight: 380g/ 1.2 lb

Francine created My crepes mix to make crepes with ease. No more waiting for the dough to rest! A bag of preparation, milk, a little oil, and a few whips, your dough is ready to make 10 beautiful golden crepes.

Possible presence of milk, soy, sesame seeds and nuts.

With Francine, cooking is a breeze.

Direction: 1 bag of preparation for My Francine crepes mix, 16.9 oz of milk (1/2L), 1 tablespoon sunflower oil (10g)

1) In a bowl, I pour the milk and the contents of the bag while stirring with a whip.

2) I add oil and mix well. No need to let the dough rest!

3) I pour my dough into a lightly oiled and hot frying pan. Once cooked, I flip it. I let the other face brown.

4) I garnish according to my desires and Voila!

Bon appetit!

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  • Dec 8th 2014

    If you are not into making your own mix for French crepes, this is it. Follow the directions, and depending the thickness desired you may add a little bit more milk. It comes out really good and pain free. The Key is to have a good pan that does not stick.


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