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Francois Doucet barre pate de fruit (jelly fruit) 30g/1.06oz

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These pates de fruit (jelly fruit) from Provence are made in the greatest tradition of Francois Doucet confectionery.

This fruit paste is a treat for sportsmen, hikers or for children's snacks, and the older.

Individually packaged in a fresh 30g sachet, this delicately sweet confectionery is offered in an assortment of 4 flavors:

- Williams pear of the Hautes Alpes

- Apricots of Provence

- Raspberry

- Blueberry

Ingredients: Sugar origin France, fruit pulp 50% (apricot Orange of Provence 19%, pear William des Hautes Alpes 19%, raspberry origin EU / non-EU 6%, blueberry origin EU / non-EU 6%), wheat glucose syrup, gelling agent: pectin, natural fruit flavors (raspberry, pear, blueberry, apricot), acidifier: citric acid, natural flavor of Bourbon vanilla.

May contain nuts and gluten.

Product of France


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