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Gavottes Crispy Rolled and Fan Wafers with a Hint of Vanilla 3.52oz (100g)

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  • Brand: Loc Maria
  • SKU: LMG006
  • Net Weight: 100g/ 3.52oz

Introducing Gavottes, the irresistible brand of crispy wafers that evokes the warmth and comfort of home-made buttery delights. Each bite of our Gavottes wafers offers the perfect harmony of delicate crispiness and rich, buttery flavor, making them a delectable treat to savor on their own, or as a delightful complement to your favorite ice cream or milkshake.

Our collection includes 10 exquisitely crafted rolled wafers and 8 tantalizing crispy butter wafers, each one skillfully designed to satisfy your sweet cravings while elevating your dessert experiences. Experience the unmatched taste and texture of Gavottes, and let our gourmet wafers elevate your palate and become a cherished staple in your pantry. Rediscover the joy of indulgence with Gavottes - your go-to brand for the ultimate crispy, buttery wafer experience.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, butter, skimmed milk powder, natural vanilla aroma, barley malt extract, rapeseed lecithin.

Contains: wheat, milk. May contain: soy

Keep cool and dry. Consume soon after opening.

Non-GMO and contain no artificial flavoring and coloring.

Made in France



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  • Gerald Chapman Jul 27th 2020

    This product is so tasty that he can become easily addictive. It has a wonderful exquisite taste. I enjoy having it my a cup of coffee. I would recommend this wafer to anyone. Just try it, you won't regret it.


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