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Guide de Survie Alimentaire aux Etats Unis French Edition

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  • Brand: Estelle Tracy
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Shortly after coming to the US, food writer Estelle Tracy realized that American ingredients were quite different from their French counterparts. For instance, she was stumped by the dairy aisle: What was sour cream? What the heck did you do do with buttermilk? The baking aisle was no different: while she struggled to find an adequate flour to bake with, some friends used yeast in cake recipes. It took all of two years to feel at ease with American ingredients and she wrote this food survival guide for French expats so it doesn?ÇÖt have to be a struggle for you.

In this book, you will learn about dairy products in the US, understand how to substitute American ingredients for French ones, and find out how to find the best restaurants and food shops in your area. "Guide de survie alimentaire aux Etats-Unis" is the ultimate food survival guide for French people in the US and a great gift idea for a French expat.

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