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Guylian Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar 3.5 oz/100gr

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At any time throughout the day, you may decide when you want to treat yourself to the refined flavor of high-quality Guylian chocolate. Belgian milk chocolate that melts in your mouth like satin and strikes the ideal balance between the bittersweet flavor of chocolate and the rich, creamy flavor of milk.

Each box contains four bars, all of which are sealed in their own separate wrappers and do not contain any maltitol.
Guylian's tablets, which come in 4 pieces of 25g/0.88oz and are individually wrapped, make it possible for you to savor the crisp flavor of chocolate no matter where you are or what you're doing.

Each and every time you indulge in one of our Guylian delectable dark or milk chocolate bars, you are certain to have an experience that is both fulfilling and sure to whet your appetite. Which taste has most peaked your curiosity, and why?

Each tablet weighs 100g/3.5oz and is composed of four individual tablets, each of which is 25 grams in size and is packaged in its own individual package. These metal wrappings can be recycled in their whole as long as they are in good condition.
The packaging is comprised of a few distinct components, all of which are capable of being recycled without experiencing any degradation in quality.

Guylian guarantee the origin, sustainability, and quality of every ingredient. Delicious chocolates for you, a better world for all of us.

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