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Guylian Intense Dark 72% Chocolate Bar 3.5 oz/100gr

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Enjoy the rich flavor of Guylian's Premium Dark Chocolate, which is made with high-quality ingredients and includes 72% pure cocoa. It is also manufactured with meticulous attention to detail. For the pinnacle of pleasure, try one of Guylian's bars of velvety-smooth Dark Belgian Chocolate and indulge in the decadent flavor of dark chocolate.

Enjoy the refined flavor of high-quality Guylian chocolate whenever you choose throughout the day. Even when you're on the go, you can enjoy a deliciously fresh piece of chocolate with Guylian's 100g/3.5oz tablets since each one is individually wrapped in 25g/0.88oz pieces.

Our scrumptious dark and milk chocolate bars are guaranteed to be a mouthwatering and satisfying experience every time. Which flavor has piqued your interest the most?

Each pill weighs 100g/3.5oz and is comprised of four separate 25g/0.88oz tablets that are each separately packaged. These metal wrappings can be recycled in their entirety.

The packaging is made up of a few different parts, all of which may be recycled without any loss in quality.

Guarantees are made about the quality, provenance, and sustainability of each individual component. You get chocolates, and I'll work toward making the world a better place for everyone.

Please note: This product is susceptible to melting at high temperatures. To ensure optimal quality upon arrival, we recommend purchasing an Ice Pack for added protection. Our terms and conditions state that we cannot guarantee the quality of chocolate and other melting products with standard shipping during warm weather, nor can we issue refunds or replacements for items that melt during transit. To avoid potential melting, please consider choosing 2-day or overnight shipping at checkout or shopping during cooler times.


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