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Haribo Zan Mint Flavored Licorice 12g/0.43oz

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  • Brand: Haribo
  • SKU: HZ122
  • Net Weight: 12g/0.43oz

Traditional and Vintage confectionery made by Haribo. Haribo Zan are hard liquorice sweets flavored with mint. Haribo Zan Mint is a traditional licorice candy that contributes to fresh breath.

Its tasty liquorice and its unique fragrances... Rediscover the taste of the licorice pad!

You will like this hard, flat, super strong piece made by Haribo in France if you like a truly strong licorice taste, enhanced with a touch of menthol. Certainly European, not a sweet candy from America.

Made in France

Ingredients: Licorice Extract (39%), dried glucose syrup, maltodextrin, treacle, natural mint flavorings with other natural flavorings. People suffering from high blood pressure should avoid excessive consumption.  May contain: traces of wheat.

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