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Henaff French Brittany Pork Rillettes 127g/4.5 oz

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  • Brand: Henaff
  • SKU: P005
  • Net Weight: 127g/ 4.5oz

In the Henaff rillettes, you will not find dyes or preservatives.

Henaff recipe: 90% pork, pork fat, sea salt, pepper and nothing else.

To obtain these rillettes of "superior quality", Henaff applies a very slow cooking that lasts several hours ...

The time necessary for the lean pork mixes gently, in a perfectly homogeneous way, with the pork fat. Take the time: and if it was the secret of Henaff to offer you these pork rillettes with incomparable sweetness and taste, do you like generous rillettes. With us, you are served ...

Rich in beautiful fibers while remaining unctuous, our rillettes are always ready to be spread.

Take out the sandwiches and toast, open the jar of pickles and enjoy!

We advise you to keep your Henaff rillettes in a cool place, away from the light. To better appreciate them, wait until they are at room temperature. And if it's really hot, put them in the refrigerator for a few minutes before serving.

Product of France.


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  • danielle shifman Dec 29th 2021

    goes well wit any breads, or by itself

  • danielle shifman Dec 29th 2021

    great with all kinds o breads ..... or by itself

  • danielle shifman Dec 29th 2021

    henaff always a pleasure, on sourdough bread ... rye bread ... by itself

  • Mar 4th 2015

    Pate. OMG it has been so long since I have that pate. Love it, love it. Spread on French baguette what else can you wish for. J'adore!

  • Jun 27th 2014

    I stock up on these each time I order. These are so yummy and flavorful - the whole family gobbles it up! We like to have a little apéro before dinner and these rillettes are the ones that everyone gravitates to.


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