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Ice Pack

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Our ice packs are specifically designed with a leakproof, long-lasting, viscous gel refrigerant made from non-toxic ingredients that comply with the FDA's Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) provision. These ice packs serve as a safe and effective alternative for maintaining temperature control. Encased in a durable plastic pouch, they keep perishable items at a consistent and optimal temperature. Key features of our ice packs include their ability to provide lasting cold, efficient energy transfer, leakproof design, and reusability.

In addition to the ice pack, an Insulated Thermal Metalized Bubble is included to provide cushioning and prevent heat transfer through radiation. This material is FDA compliant for incidental contact with food, and it offers an effective barrier against moisture, vapor, and odors. Together, these components ensure that your perishable items remain fresh and protected throughout their journey.


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