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La Biscuiterie de Provence Chocolate-Orange cake, gluten-free, bio 225g/7.9oz

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Discover this new cake from La Biscuiterie de Provence with a chocolate-orange mixture made with very few ingredients, all selected with the greatest care, and cooked in its steel mold, for a recipe like at home! The cakes of La Biscuiterie de Provence were born from a family recipe, more than 25 years ago, their soft almond cakes are the very definition of quality!

Christmas time in Provence is synonymous with festivals and traditions, but also culinary rites with the very famous thirteen desserts. Here orange, almonds and walnuts are honored in this gift box!
Born from a family recipe passed down from father to son, La Biscuiterie de Provence Christmas cake will seduce you with its richness in almonds, its good chocolate, its orange flavor, and its nuts. In the Provençal tradition, it will proudly sit at the table of thirteen desserts, to the delight of young and old gourmets!

Naturally gluten-free, thanks to their richness in almonds, you will be seduced by the soft texture that melts in the mouth and by the incomparable flavor. You will have a dessert ready to be enjoyed at any time, which will keep all its freshness and softness for more than a year...

Ingredients: whole eggs, almonds, cane sugar, chocolate 14%, churn butter, candied orange 9% (orange peels 40%, glucose syrup, cane sugar, concentred lemon juice), orange marmelade 9% (canesugar, orange 45%, concentred lemon juice, fruits pectin), walnuts, vanilla powder.

Produced in a factory that handles hazelnuts

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