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La Perruche French White Sugar Cubes 750g /26.5 oz

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  • Brand: La Perruche
  • SKU: BC023
  • Net Weight: 750g/ 26.5oz
Le Club

Use La Peruche's white porcelain pieces to add a touch of class to your tea or coffee time. In irregular bits, you can find a great product. To create 100 percent pure Canne diamonds, a unique La Perruche technique is used.
These raw chunks of fine sugar and massive cane grains provide a crunch to hot liquids after melting. They have conquered the world's best restaurants, as well as the palates of food connoisseurs everywhere, when it comes to food. White and amber sugar candies go well together in a sugar bowl because they complement each other visually and flavor-wise.
The small bits are especially popular with espresso drinkers who like their coffee with a hint of sweetness.

Because they are packaged in cardboard boxes, the box is 100 percent recyclable.

Product of France


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