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La Pie qui Chante Michoko French candy dark chocolate and caramel 100 g (3.5 oz)

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  • Brand: Cadbury
  • SKU: C008
  • Net Weight: 100g/ 3.5oz

Michoko (mi-cho-ko or my chocolate) is a shell of dark chocolate (64% minimum cocoa) stuffed with caramel.

Product of France

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  • Dec 3rd 2017

    Became addicted to Mi-cho-ko while living in Paris. Wonderful to be able to find and enjoy them again.

  • Sep 15th 2015

    This product is so good. The dark chocolate is delicious and the caramel is just right. Not hard and just the right amount of chewy. Every piece was perfection. I will buy these again for sure.

  • Mar 20th 2015


  • May 21st 2014

    I decided to try these candies because I love dark chocolate and adore caramel. What a delightful candy this is. Both flavors are so distinct and lovely together. It is quite delicate however resistant to hot weather. It melts in your mouth, not while you handle it. Also payment and shipping was fast an uneventful. Love them!


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