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La Savonnerie de Nyons Natural Oval Pumice Stone

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The pumice stone of La Savonnerie de Nyons is ideal for you to replenish your beauty before the summer and for exfoliating dead skin cells. This gives you a renewal of the skin in the most natural way!
Are your feet tired from standing all day? This pumice stone is ideal to achieve smooth feet. A quick and easy foot care with our brand-new pumice stones!

Tips for use
It is recommended to use as an exfoliator on the feet and elbows, as it eliminates dead skin and calluses. It is recommended to moisten the pumice stone before use, so that the skin doesn't get irritated. Rub the stone under your feet or elbows after rinsing it by making back-and-forth or circle movements. Use regularly.
For better storage, rinse pumice stone with water after use and let it dry completely.

Pumice stone (volcanic rock)

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