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La Savonnerie de Nyons Red Fruits Soap 200g/7oz

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La Savonnerie de Nyons provides you with a bar of soap that has been artistically wrapped in paper that looks like a watercolor painting showing a landscape from the Provence region. This beautiful soap is ideal for presenting as gifts to friends and family members. With this 200g handcrafted red fruits scented soap, you may make their environment happier for them.

The scent of red fruits permeates this 200g soap. To make this exquisite body butter, natural organic shea butter and nutritious Nyons Olive Oil are blended together.

Made in France, in our soap factory in Nyons, in the Drôme Provençale, by a team of passionate artisans. Grasse, the world's perfume capital, was used to create this fragrance.

Apply to skin that is still somewhat damp. After lathering, thoroughly rinse the soap away with lots of water. Make certain that you do not come into touch with the eyes. If you come into contact with the chemical, make sure to thoroughly rinse your eyes with fresh water afterwards.

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