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La Savonnerie de Nyons Soap Metal Box Santa Bath 100gr/3.52 oz

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  • Brand: La Savonnerie de Nyons
  • SKU: SN127
La Savonnerie de Nyons metal box with Vintage design "Santa Claus in the Bath" with a 100g soap scented with orange and cinnamon. Ideal to offer during the end of the year holidays.

It's a lovely vintage-style metal box, "Santa Claus in the Bath," designed especially for the Christmas party by Nyon-based painter Luc MAZAN. As an added bonus, it includes a 100-gram bar of orange/cinnamon-scented soap made with organic shea butter and Nyons Olive Oil. All skin types can use this soap.
Orange and cinnamon combine to create a sweet, fruity, and spicy aroma in this soap. Relax and unwind with this luxurious body wash, which has a festive scent that will linger on your skin all day.
La Savonnerie de Nyons is known for its metal soap boxes, which may be reused when the soap is completed. The "Santa Claus in the Bath" box is a wonderful Christmas present for anybody who like both antique and Christmas decor.

Perfume-making capital Grasse is the source of our artisanal soap, which is created in Nyons en Provence, France.

Directions for use Apply to damp skin. Lather and rinse with plenty of water. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact rinse the eyes thoroughly with clear water.

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