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La Savonnerie de Nyons Braid Shell Oriental Spices Soap

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  • Brand: La Savonnerie de Nyons
  • SKU: SN172
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La Savonnerie de Nyons brings to you this artisanal braid of natural solid soap perfumes which decorates your home with delicacy. A delicate fragrance in the house and a natural decoration.

Hanging from a buffet or door handle, suspended in the bathroom, in a cupboard to perfume laundry or in the bathroom, it is very nice decoration. In every room of the house, there floats a sweet and pleasant scent of Oriental Spices.

Between pieces of wood and cork, string and moss, one oriental spices soap adorn the braid. In the center, a plaster medallion in form of a shell, also perfumed.

A natural decoration, a nice gift idea!

After having it in decoration, you want to use the soaps of the braid for the daily shower. No problem, they keep for a very long time and do not lose their virtues. Discover below the benefits of a solid soap.

Made in Provence

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